Other luxury cars compared to nissan infiniti

If you are looking for a luxury car, then you may have already discovered Nissan Infiniti. But there are more options in the luxury models including Lexus RX, Honda Pilot, and Chevy Traverse. For reference, you can read the car reviews that appear here.


Nissan Pathfinder offers the same amount of luxury as Infiniti. This upscale car features a heated steering wheel, navigation system, and a 36-degree parking camera. When compared with QX60, Pathfinder wins over value for money, but perhaps its biggest weakness is a lack of safety gadgets that are offered by QX60 model.

Mercedes S class

The 2014 Mercedes Benz S class ranks high in terms of safety and quality. There are wide arrays of luxury features as shown on this website.The twin turbo 5.5-litre V8 is incredibly fast and there are a number of driver assistance features available on the S-Class. This car is capable of driving itself at low speeds with an excellent poised handling through fast turns. Car reviewers are highly impressed with this Mercedes Benz’ technology and its body control system. You will have an unbelievably comfortable ride that is still unmatched by many other competitors in the auto industry.

Tesla S

This car’s responsive powertrain and quality interior excels as a luxury car. Tesla Model S drives quietly at speed and is much quicker than many other sports cars. You will get 94 mpg at a 200-mile range thanks to the car’s powerful brakes and quick steering. Reviewers praise Tesla’s excellent handling, especially when it comes with an adjustable air suspension.

Mrs. Kelly Gerlach DVM