Everyday Car Care

Even the most advanced vehicles will not last forever. While our technology has become more advanced in recent times, the overall longevity of your car is directly associated with how you care for it. Although there are some cases which will require the help of a mechanic, there are other tricks and tips that can be accomplished within the comfort of your garage. What are some everyday tasks that will keep a vehicle in tip-top shape?

Changing Spark Plugs

The sparks that these plugs produce are directly related to the combustion of petrol within your vehicle. Over time, spark plugs can cease functioning. If one or more no longer “fires”, you will be wasting valuable petrol and the engine itself can become damaged. Replacing these plugs is therefore critical to help maintain the health of your car.

Oil Maintenance

Oil helps to lubricate internal mechanisms and to keep the engine running cool. Unfortunately, oil levels will drop over time. Not only can this cause additional wear and tear within the engine, but there is even a chance that the entire drive train will cease up. So, oil should be changed at regular intervals. Note that these time periods will depend upon the make, model and year of your car. After the oil is drained, the same viscosity should be added back into the reservoir. Finally, filters must always be replaced along with the oil (these can become clogged with dirt and debris).

Tyre Rotation

There are times when certain tyres can become more worn than others. This could be caused by a misalignment or incorrect driving methods. Such uneven wear can further jeopardise your alignment and cause your car to “pull” to one side or another. Rotating your tyres will help to prevent these conditions.These are all great car care tips which can normally be accomplished in a matter of hours or less.

Mrs. Kelly Gerlach DVM