Build a garage optimal for car maintenance

Designing a garage is a complicated endeavour. You need the right tools, the right space, and an awful lot of determination. Take a look at our top tips to help you make the right decisions.


If your garage is for commercial use, there is no point in purchasing a building which is in an area saturated with competition. Try and find your own patch, a neighbourhood which is not already being served by too many other garages. Or, if you are a risk-taker, find an area where there is only one competitor – everyone likes the luxury of choice! If it is just for your own personal tinkering, make sure your space is a sturdy structure and fit for purpose.


Doing your homework on the legal and health and safety legislation regarding building or running a garage is essential. For example, new detached domestic builds are limited to single storeys of 30 square metres, and any attached structure will need planning permission which come with associated fees. There are also rules regarding fire safety measures, materials used, and sanitary considerations if you want running water. A commercial garage will require regular inspections and could be shut down if it does not match up to industry standards. Basic health and safety is inexpensive and can stop future law suits or compensation claims, so keep everything up to scratch to save trouble in the long term.


Cars need the appropriate surroundings to enable you to work on them, as well as the usual good house-keeping. Make sure your garage is large enough for the quantity of cars you expect to have in at any one time, and keep the space uncluttered, clean and neat. Powerful lighting should be installed to allow for more intricate work, and to spot any obstacles when working or maneuvering cars.


High quality equipment is expensive, but you will get what you pay for. Invest in items that are well-reviewed, and consider ‘try before you buy’ deals to make sure you get the tools that are right for your needs. It is all very well having a multitude of spanners, but first things first – how will you get the car into the garage and out again? Driving them in will not always be an option; if the car is damaged or freshly painted/modified, it may need to be moved more carefully. Stringo machines are metal caddies which slide under and winch a vehicle up, before steering it into the desired location. Their range covers devices which can lift vehicles up to 5,000kg, and recommend different machines for different jobs, such as moving long or short distances. Stringo promise durable, efficient, personalised products with excellent customer support, and online reviews generally agree.

Mrs. Kelly Gerlach DVM