Når man snakker om verdens tøffeste bilrace de siste årene, er det vanskelig å ikke nevne Gumball 3000. Løpet, som er et landeveisløp over hele 7 kontinenter, med de raskeste og mest fantastiske bilene i hele verden. Løpet har blitt… Continue Reading

Nissan car models

The Japanese car manufacturer Nissan have been producing cars since 1914. Winners of many awards, Nissan’s quest is to produce innovative and reliable high performing vehicles. The Nissan range offers a choice of city cars, crossovers, electric cars, 4X4 vehicles… Continue Reading

Everyday Car Care

Even the most advanced vehicles will not last forever. While our technology has become more advanced in recent times, the overall longevity of your car is directly associated with how you care for it. Although there are some cases which… Continue Reading